Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deinosuchus the super alligator

The Deinosuchus roamed in the United States from New Jersey to Montana during the Upper Cretaceous Period. It liked coastal marshlands and swamps. Deinosuchus is the biggest alligator also known as the super crocodile.  It's as big as a one school bus and as long two school buses. (It is 40 feet long.) Deinosuchus's tooth is as big as a truck tire and it's head is as long a dinning room table. Deinosuchus and all alligators and crocodiles do the death roll to kill their prey. It was a carnivore and a scavenger. When an unsuspecting dinosaur was taking a drink from the water were Deinosuchus lived, he would bite down on the dinosaur and drag him underwater and drown him. When the salty ocean waters made their way inland and flooded the marshlands and swamps, the Deinosuchus were unable to adapt to their new environment.  The Super Crocodile Deinosuchus went extinct.



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