Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Top Seven Favorite Dino Books

As you all know I am a Dinosaur fanatic and with the holidays coming I thought I would share some of my all time favorite books that you may want to give to your kids.

1. Uncover T.Rex....Take a three-dimensional look inside a T-Rex written by Dennis Schatz
A very cool book...when you turn each page a new part of the dinosaur will appear until a full T-Rex is in view.

2. Dinosaurs written by Don Lessem
This book in an interactive book with lots of cool pull tabs, spin wheels, open flaps, and hands-on
fun. A great book for learning...

3. Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures Written by: John Malam & Steve
Parker An illustrated guide to animals that ruled the planet millions of years ago. Gives great
information on the anatomy, behavior, diet and habitat of the prehistoric animals..

4. The Complete Guide To Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Reptiles Written by: Chris McNab
This book gives you illustrations of the dinosaurs and reptiles...what the species looked like
and where they lived. Also maps to show you what the world looked liked when Dino's ruled.

5. Life-Sized Dinosaurs Written by: David Bergen
This book as fold-out pages that reveal life-size footprints, claws, heads, and a T. Rex tooth.
It also explores how the Dino's fought to survive for and rule the earth for 164 million years.
Also has a special bonus of a poster.

6. Dinosaurs The Real Monsters Written by: Dougal Dixon
This guide talks about the largest and fiercest dinosaurs. This is part of a 5 book series..
Also contains a Do you know page, glossary and index.

7. Pet-Sized Dinos Written by: Natalie Lunis
This a question and answer book that contains fascinating facts about the smallest prehistoric

These are just of few of the books that I have in my personal Dino library...Hope you get a chance to check them out...Dewy

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