Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saber Cats

Saber-Tooth Tigers also known as Saber Cats, hunted Toxodon; an early antelope. They had 2 seven inch saber teeth they used to bite into their victims neck. If the Saber Cats left any food behind, the Terror Bird would eat its left overs. A another Saber-Tooth Cat scared the Terror Bird away and ate the rest of the corps. The Saber-Tooth Cats are the relatives of the Big Cats of today.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woolly Rhino

Unlike rhinos today, the Woolly Rhino had a long tusk and long shaggy hair. Their hair was covered with fat. It also had a hump and was able to gallop like a horse because of its long legs. It runs with its head down, horn pointing at its victim then tosses it up in the air. Once they think their predator is no longer a threat, the Woolly Rhino just walks away and eats.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Why Dinos and Ice Age Animals???

The reason why I like dinosaurs and Ice Age animals and why I want to share them with you is because they are magnificent creatures. For me I enjoy the fact that I can always learn something new and I really like talking about dinosaurs and Ice Age animals. Dinosaurs are not just some boring bones in the ground, they teach how life was back then. Same goes for Ice Age animals. They taught me how the history was back then and how they kept themselves warm in the freezing cold. Things were very different back then and I will take you on the journey with me to discovering how dinos and Ice Age animals ruled the earth.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Mammoths are relatives of the elephants of today. They were alive in the Cenozoic Era-Age of Mammals. Woolly Mammoths have long trunks and very long hair. What you probably didn't know even though Woolly Mammoths are huge they have small ears and were herbivores. Mammoths used their trunks to hold things like their babies. Some people might think they look a little odd but I think they were cool. From the hump on their head to their extremely long tusks to their fur that was covered in fat, these magnificent creatures of the Ice Age were a once in a lifetime creation.

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