Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Megalodon-The Fiercest Shark Around


Megalodon (MEG-a-la-don) is 50 feet long and weighing in 50 tons. You wouldn't want to go swimming with him. Megalodon is one of the large its shark in the world! It was probably two to three times larger than today's great white shark. Come on you gotta agree that is pretty huge! 

Megalodon  means "long tooth," because its teeth were not only long but wide and had serrated edges. Megalodon had an extremely sharp sense of smell and good eyesight. Could you imagine coming across one of them today? Megalodon is a meat-eater so its a lethal predator and an apex predator which means its at the top of the food chain in its home turf. Megalodon prey went from small seals to larger prey such as the giant squad and whales. Megalodon lives in ocean waters all around the world in these two Eras Miocene and Pliocene Eras (roughly 25-5 million years ago).

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