Friday, October 15, 2010

Dino's Diner

I found this place called Dino's Diner when I was searching for dinosaur restaurants. The cool, weird thing is its a dino place and its on Dewey Ave. I couldn't find out much about this place except its in Rochester, NY.

I'm calling out to all my readers to see if you may know anything about this place i.e. pictures, stories of your own experience, what's on the menu, ect.

Friday, October 8, 2010

More Dino Names and Their Meanings

To all my readers: 

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More Dinosaur Names and Their Meanings

  • Acrocanthosaurus means "High-spined Lizard"
  • Aegyptosaurus means "Egyptian Lizard"
  • Aetonyx means "Eagle Claw"
  • Aetosaurs or Aetosauria or aetosaurus means "Old Lizard"
  • Agrosaurus means "Field Lizard"
  • Alamosaurus means "Alamo Lizard" 
  • Albertaosaurus Means "Alberta Lizard"
  • Alectrosaurus means "Unmarried Lizard"
  • Algoasaurus means "Algoa Lizard"
  • Alioramus means "Different Branch"
  • Allosaurids or Allosauridae means "Different Lizard"
  • Allosaurs or Allosaurus means "Different Lizard"
  • Altispinax means "High Spines"
  • Amblydactylus means "Blunt Finger"
  • Ammonite means "Horn of Ammon"
  • Ammosaurus means "Sand Lizard"
  • Amtosaurus means "Amtgay Lizard"
  • Amygdalodon means "Almond Tooth"
  • Anatosaurus means "Duck Lizard"
  • Anchiceratops means "Similar Horned Face"
  • Anchisaurids or Anchisauridae means "Near Lizards"
  • Anchisauripus means "Near Lizard Foot"
  • Anchisaurus means "Near Lizard"
  • Ankylosaurids or Ankylosauridae means "Armored Lizards"
  • Ankylosaurs or Ankylosauria means "Armored Lizards"
  • Ankylosaurus means "Stiffened Lizard"
  • Anodontosaurus means "Toothless Lizard" 

P.S. Readers-dinosaurs are in important to your life because they teach you how life was back then. If you want to improve your life, you must first learn about the past because it tells you about the mistakes that were made so you don't repeat them. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carcharodontosaurus facts

Carcharodontosaurus name means: "Shark Lizard" and all so means "Shark-Toothed Lizard". When it live? Middle Cretaceous period, about 110 to 90 million years ago. Where did it live? Fossils have been found in North Africa. Fossils: Carcharodontosaurus was first known from an incomplete North African skull and a few bones found by Depret and Savornin in 1927 (originally called Megalosaurus saharicus). These fossils were destroyed during World War II. In 1996, Paul Sereno and his team found another Carcharodontosaurus in North Africa; it was even larger than the older specimen.

Length - 26-44 feet (8-14 m) long
Height - 12 ft (3.6 m) tall at the hips
 Weight - 6-8 tons             

Carnosaurs: Allosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosauridae, Mapusaurus, Australovenator               

National Geographic Dinosaurs                   Field Guide to Dinosaurs              

Friday, May 7, 2010

What Dinosaur Names Means

  1. Megarapter means "Giant Thief" 
  2. Utahrapter means "Utah Thief" 
  3. Aucasaurus means "Auca Lizard"
  4. Carcharodontosaurus means "Shark Lizard" 
  5. Daspletosaurus means "Frightful Fleshy Lizard"
  6. Ichthyornis means "Fish Bird" 
  7. Iguanodon means "Fluted Tooth"
  8. Oviraptor means "Egg Thief"          
  9. Protoceratops means "First Horned Face" 
  10. Pyroraptor means "Fire Raider" 
  11. Saltasaurus means "Salta Lizard" 
  12. Tarascosaurus means "Spanish Dragon" 
  13. Troodon means "Wounding Tooth"                                                
  14. Maiasaura means "Good Mother Lizard"
  15. Gallimimus means "Chicken Mimic"
  16. Dilophosaurus means "Two-Crested Lizard"
  17. Coelophysis means "Hollow Form" 
  18. Avimimus means "Bird Mimic"  
  19. Archaeopteryx means "Ancient Wing"   
  20. Apatosaurus means "Deceptive Lizard"
  21. Eoraptor means "Dawn Thief"
  22. Megalosaurus means "Great Lizard"
  23. Stegosaurus means "Roofed Lizard"
  24. Struthiomimus means "Ostrich Mimic"
  25. Stygimoloch means "River Of Hell Devil"
  26. Suchomimus means "Crocodile Mimic"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Thoughts......Dinosaur DVDs

This is a DVD about a man who travels back in time to bring the extinct animals back with him to give them a second chance of life. They put the dinosaurs in a holding pen until their new home is done. It teaches you about how the dinosaurs lived back then and how they might live today.

Jurassic Park is a good movie to show you how dinosaurs fight for survival. It also shows you how hard it would be for us if they were alive with us still today.

Here is another Jurassic Park DVD that has 25 people going to an mysterious island to capture dinosaurs. There are 4 people who try to stop the others from capturing the dinosaurs and putting them in a zoo. But the one dinosaur they were able to capture, broke free and rampaged through the city.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Deinosuchus the super alligator

The Deinosuchus roamed in the United States from New Jersey to Montana during the Upper Cretaceous Period. It liked coastal marshlands and swamps. Deinosuchus is the biggest alligator also known as the super crocodile.  It's as big as a one school bus and as long two school buses. (It is 40 feet long.) Deinosuchus's tooth is as big as a truck tire and it's head is as long a dinning room table. Deinosuchus and all alligators and crocodiles do the death roll to kill their prey. It was a carnivore and a scavenger. When an unsuspecting dinosaur was taking a drink from the water were Deinosuchus lived, he would bite down on the dinosaur and drag him underwater and drown him. When the salty ocean waters made their way inland and flooded the marshlands and swamps, the Deinosuchus were unable to adapt to their new environment.  The Super Crocodile Deinosuchus went extinct.


      Monday, January 25, 2010


      Saltasaurus is the fattest dinosaur on earth because Saltasaurus loves to eat leaves all day long. Saltasaurus walks like a turtle and slow like a turtle. Saltasaurus is so slow they get killed by those Tarascosaurus. Saltasaurus name means "Salta Lizard" and Tarascosaurus name means "Spanish Dragon".       

      Saltasaurus  Carnegie Collection- Saltasaurus Saltasaurus Dinosaur Decorative High Gloss Ceramic Drawer Knob

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