Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where They Lived and What Their Name Means part 3

Where in the world did they live?

*Kritosaurus means "Noble lizard" ~lived in Mexico and Texas. 
*Lambeosaurus means "Lamb's lizard" ~lived in Alberta
*Leaellynasaura means "Leaelly  lizard"~ lived in Australia 
*Leptoceratops means "Slender horned face" ~ lived in Alberta
*Lesothosaurus means "lizard from Lesotho" ~ lived in Africa
*Lufengosaurus means "Lufeng lizard" ~ lived in China
*Mamenchisaurus means "Mamen lizard"~ lived in China
*Manirapters means "Hand snatcher" ~ lived in World Wide
*Massopondylus means "Massive vertebra"~ lived in Arizona
*Mononykus means "Single claw" ~lived in Mongolia
*Mosasaurs means "lizard from the Meuse"~ lived in Africa and Canada
*Mussaurus means "Mouse lizard"~ lived in Argentina
* Megalosaurus means "Great lizard"~ lived in England 
*Majungatholus means "Majunga dome" and lived in Madagascar
*Maiasaura means "Good Mother lizard"~ lived in Montana
*Nanotyrannus means "Dwarf tyrant"~ lived in Montana
*Nemegtosaurus means "lizard from Nemegt"~ lived in Mongolla 
*Nodosaurus means "Knobby lizard"~ lived in Wyoming

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