Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Torosaurus is related to triceratops because it has three horns and has a big frill to protect it from predators. Torosaurus makes a big circle with their bodies when their young are in danger.  The heads of the adults make the outer wall of the big circle so T-Rex or other predators won't eat their babies that are in the center of the circle.

Torosaurus means "Pierced Reptile" or "Perforated Lizard" because it has two big holes in its skull located in its big frill.                                                                                                Torosaurus is a herbivore witch means "plant-eater" because it eats plants like ferns and bushes. 

It roamed the earth during the Late Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago in North America. Torosaurus is a member of the Hadrosaurus family because it has a birds beak. Torosaurus "TOR-o-SAWR-us" is 8 feet tall, 21-25 feet long, and 4 tons. The first skull of Torosaurus was found by John Bell Hatcher the fossil hunter. Torosaurus was named by Othniel Marsh.

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