Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small and Deadly Raptors

Utahraptor is the second largest raptor in the world and he was about 21 feet long. It had one toe that was extremely sharp that was 1' and 3" long. This toe made it easier for them to kill their prey because it would run after its prey then jump on it and stab it with its' 2 sharp toes. They only travel in packs when their babies hatch.

Deinonychus hunts in packs and is 10 feet long. Since they hunt in packs, it makes it easier for them to kill dinosaurs like the Tenontosaurus. With its razor sharp teeth and claws, it makes it easier for them to bite through other dinosaurs' flesh. It has feathers on itself. It has chicken like legs and hands. The Deinonychus has a long tail for balance in the air.

Microraptor is very unique because it has 2 sets of wings, its front (its arms) and its back (the legs). It loves to eat bugs, small reptiles and small mammals. It has small sharp claws and small sharp teeth they used it tear its prey apart.


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